Collaborative Concept Intelligence: CollaborativeCi

We will wake sleeping brilliance and empower magnificence regardless of wealth or status. We are an entity of conceptual hopes, dreams and passions with a power beyond imagination. A new era of collaboration is emerging that will change everything.

The most brilliant minds on Earth have been sleeping. Wake up. Come Home.

CollaborativeCi is passion based collaboration

Build it together, own it together. 

We will create businesses and products with global potential,

Sell it together or take it in the direction of your choosing

We don’t want your money. We want your passion.  

CollaborativeCi was born watching great ideas die at diner tables,  around camp fires and fall out of dreams.

We were not born to go to work just to barely survive then die. 

We were born to follow our dreams, chase our passions, smell the proverbial roses and enjoy the moments in life. We were born to love, We were born to find ourselves, embrace our spirit, understand our connectivity and discover our true power. We are a creature that is much more than most of you can imagine. 

The world we live in keeps us in a box designed specifically to limit our minds. It fills us with fear and uncertainty, it provides the road, the map, the directions, the expectations, the instructions  on how to live life. It burdens us with debt,  demoralizes us at every opportunity and uses calculated phycological weapons designed to break us. We are much easier to control when we are broken. 

The world we live in is filled with unknowing soldiers who support these established limits through their own  lifetime of ingrained conditioning. These soldiers are your friends, your parents, your sons and daughters. Their  mission is to  put  you back in the box by any means necessary. We are being consumed, in more unfortunate ways than one.


Time is the most precious gift a human being could have. Our  time is consumed by a world run by darkness that intentionally  robs us of this time. The plans they have of consuming your sons and daughters time are much more sinister. This time on earth is the greatest gift mankind has.

It is by design that most of us spend our time working only to earn barely enough to survive, let alone truly live. We work more hours, we give more time. We lose moments, lose hope, lose ambition, lose our sense of self, lose our belief in self,  feel trapped in routine, trapped in stagnation, trapped in compliance of the box.

 It is time to stop. It’s time to take action. It’s time to free your mind from limits. A single spark can shine brighter than the brightest star.

Together we will not be limited by resources, together we can create things unimaginable, together we can achieve miracles. Contribute your passions, free that mind and reignite that flame that is you.

Please contact me at or to  view the current open projects. Everything starts with a conversation. Do something. Stand. Join me in changing the world.


CollaborativeCi is a emerging entity of great power being created by Warren Leroux and others from all around the world